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Welcome to the
Londesborough Lodge

Freemasonry probably costs less than you may think!

How much does it cost to be a Freemason? 
All Lodges require certain fees and subscriptions. Londesborough has an initiation fee of £80.00 plus registration fees to Grand Lodge & Metropolitan Grand Lodge at around £75.  Annual subscriptions cover all the administrative costs split between the membership. Londesborough Lodge currently charges £280 a year, starting from our February meeting. This includes the cost of four dinners and wine @£35 after our meetings. If you join part way through a year, the subscription is reduced by £35 per meeting.
Lodge meetings are generally followed by dinner. This is a very important aspect within Freemasonry as dining with brethren of the Lodge and guests is where longer term friendships are cemented. If you invite any Masonic guests, it is normal that as their host you would pay their dining fee, which at Londesborough Lodge is currently £35.  Our Treasurer (who budgets very well|), has introduced a 'bring two guests for the price of one' and this has encouraged members to invite more and the meetings have been very enjoyable.
Dress for Lodge Meetings is dark lounge suit, shirt with white collar/cuffs, black tie and black shoes. When any regalia is required you will be advised but initially this is relatively inexpensive.
Freemasons are encouraged to donate money to charity, but only in accordance with their means. This is always optional as giving to charity is a matter for your own conscience and ability to pay.
Interested in Joining?
There may well be questions that have not been answered within this site, so please feel free to contact our Secretary at and let him have your details, or complete the template on the next page!

We would be delighted to hear from you and can assure you of one thing - you will have a lot of fun!