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Welcome to the
Londesborough Lodge


Lodge Officers 2010-11
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Worshipful Master

W.Bro Craig Tyzack, LGR

Immediate Past Master

W.Bro Tom Marshall

Senior Warden

W.Bro Gerald Williams, SLGR

Junior Warden

Bro Louis Fouche


W.Bro Ray Brown
(with cousin W.Bro Keith Brown, LGR)


W.Bro Tony Goodhead, LGR


W.Bro Colin Buck, LGR

DC & Charity Steward

W.Bro John Culling, PAGDC


W.Bro Peter Gruncell, LGR

Senior Deacon

W.Bro Brian Shailer, LGR

Junior Deacon

W.Bro Tony Frankson, LGR

Assistant Director of Ceremonies

W.Bro Trevor Tyzack, SLGR

Assistant Secretary

To be appointed

Inner Guard

W.Bro Colin Jones, LGR


Bro Dorin Pavel


W.Bro Stephen Harvey,
PPrGSwdB (Derbyshire)

Guest Organist

W.Bro Maurice Champ, PGStB

Visiting Officer

W.Bro Fred Carey, PAGPurs