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Welcome to the
Londesborough Lodge

Tercentenary Day Meeting - 24th June 2017

Members and guests are invited to attend the meeting below........

Should be a great event so come and join us!


Riding for the Disabled - Letter of Thanks

The RDA is being supported by the WM and Brethren and have written thanking us for the donation.  Please see Charity Feedback page.

W.Bro Tony Frankson LGR

W.Bro Tony was honoured in the Province of Middlesex by being appointed Provincial Senior Grand Deacon.

Many congratulations Tony!

W.Bro Sydenham Walter Holmes LGR

The members of the Lodge were very sad to hear of the sad passing of Bro Syd on 14th June.
The Almoner Peter Gruncell attended the funeral in Downham Market, Norfolk

W.Bro Keith Francis Brown LGR

It was with much sadness that the news of the passing of our beloved Bro Keith on the 26th January was received.
Several members attended his funeral at the Croydon Salvation Army Citadel on 13th February where a fantastic celebration of his life was held before the Committal at Croydon Crematorium

Londesborough Donation Recognised

Members gave generously recently to support an appeal for funds to assist the rebuilding of the 'Dyson Hut' at the Bears Rail Scouts Camp Site, situated in Windsor Great Park.  This was run by Eunice Stone the mother of one of our members Colin and wife of an old friend of the Lodge David.  John Culling attended the opening on Saturday 30th August



Worshipful Master Active in Cornwall

IT was a "proud" day for one of Cornwall's oldest Freemason lodges which opened its doors to the public on its 150th anniversary.

More than 50 people, including members' families, had a peek inside the temple of the Three Grand Principles Lodge, many for the first time.

Penryn Mayor Gill Grant unveiled the plaque outside the lodge on Commercial Road and Father Stuart Turner led a prayer, before the temple was opened to the public.

The members and their families were joined by Penryn historian and author Ernie Warmington.

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Our WM Tony Frankson (R) with Barry Curnow

Lodge secretary Chris Mallet, who has been a mason since 1989, said: "It was a unique day for the lodge, which has been in Penryn in the background for 150 years, paying money into the local community.

"It is rare that we open the lodge to members of the public.

"We were all delighted with the turnout. It was a proud day for Penryn and it was a proud day for the lodge. A good time was had by all."

Mr Mallet chose the occasion to dispel a few myths about freemasons, saying: "It's about having fun, being sociable, and getting together with other men once a month. It's no different to Rotary clubs or the Women's Institute.

"Yes, we have got a handshake which means we can recognise each other day or night. But it's not a secret, closed society. In the old days it was probably more exclusive, just for the gentry, but not these days. We are all normal, working people and the cost of becoming a mason has not altered. If you think you are going to 'get on' in business by joining the lodge then don't join. It's not about that. That is a myth."

During the first few months, new members pass through 'three degrees', each with a unique handshake, then through levels from junior to senior mason, among others, before reaching the 'chair of the worshipful master' after about eight years of service, which each member holds for a year. The uniform, the collar and apron, change as masons climb the ranks, after which they take on more administrative roles if they choose, such as secretary.

Everything spoken during the ceremonies is recalled from memory, so new members must learn texts by heart to show their commitment.

Members pay an annual fee of £100, and fund all donations to local causes.

The Three Grand Principles Lodge has 48 members.

The five lodges in Penryn and two in Falmouth have a total of 248 members.

Read more:

All Change...........

We are ringing the changes in Londesborough Lodge at the Installation Meeting on 21st February. Apart from Tony Frankson becoming WM, we will have a new Chaplain: Tom Marshall; Secretary: Louis Fouche; Treasurer: Brian Shailer & DC: Tony Goodhead.  Colin Buck takes a well earned rest from his position in the N, moving to the W to become SW.  John Culling relinquishes his DC's Wand to concentrate on the role of Charity Steward and Lodge Mentor.

W.Bro Peter Gruncell

W.Bro Peter was honoured at the convocation of Metropolitan Grand Chapter on 3rd April, with promotion to SLGCR in the Royal Arch, very well done!

Brian Shailer, LGR

We are delighted to learn that our WM Brian Shailer, is also to be further honoured with promotion to Senior London Grand Rank (SLGR) at the Investiture on 6th March 2014. Congratulations Brian!

Prince's Trust

Please take a look at the Charity Feedback page to see the reaction to our donation! 

Great Ormond Street Hospital

As our WM in 2009, Tom Marshall selected GOSH to receive donations from our Charity donations.
Tom is also an active member of the 'Sans Scoria Society', comprised mainly of plumbers and heating engineers, contributing almost £70,000 to this marvellous organisation over the last 20 years!

Tom is pictured below with his wife Catherine presenting a cheque to Martin Elliott.

Well done Tom and Sans Scoria!

 Assisting Regent Lodge x 2!

On Friday 21st December, we were honoured to have the privilege of Passing Bro Nicholas di Cara of Regent Lodge 3121.  The WM and Officers were assisted by W.Bro Paul di Cara who was delighted to accompany his brother during the ceremony.

Then in April 2013 we had the additional honour of Raising Bro Nicholas - what a treat!

W.Bro Tony Goodhead, LGR

We are delighted to learn that our Treasurer Tony Goodhead, is to be further honoured with promotion to Senior London Grand Rank (SLGR) at the Investiture on 7th March 2013. Congratulations Tony!