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Welcome to the
Londesborough Lodge

Freemasonry has a strong link with Charitable giving and Londesborough Lodge has a wonderful record of supporting many organisations both Masonic and more general......

 Our WM, W.Bro John Culling, has selected the Metropolitan Masonic Charity (MMC) and Riding for the Disabled as his chosen causes.  It is hoped the brethren will be as generous as they have been in recent years

Over the last few years we have supported the following:-

Masonic Samaritan Fund                           

Londesborough supported this from inception as part of the London Appeal in 1990 gaining the Gold Jewel in the process.

This most worthy of causes assists Freemasons and their dependents to obtain medical assistance and treatment close to where they live, should the NHS not be able to offer an appointment within a reasonable time and if they cannot afford to pay for private treatment.

Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution

The RMBI was founded back in 1861 for the purpose of assisting elderly Freemason's and their dependants.  This obviously has a large cost associated to the running and maintaining the 17 care homes and sheltered housing throughout England & Wales which currently support 1,100 residents as well as some 3,000 people who annually seek assistance from a Care Advice Worker

Londesborough is a Grand Patron of the Charity and supported the 2009 London Appeal achieving the Diamond Award





The ARK Facility is recognised as a flagship for medical eduction, cancer teaching research and conference facilities and allows those in the medical profession share important knowledge to the betterment of mankind throughout the world.

 Prostate Cancer

Prostrate Cancer kills approximately 10,000 men in the UK each year and this foundation leads the way in reasearch which requires funding.

Sturmer Village Hall

The Village Hall was built originally as the Village School; the proposed plans for the school being approved on 27th May 1875. At that time, the school was needed as it was too far for the younger children to walk to school in Haverhill, return to Sturmer for lunch and back to school for the afternoon The older children had special permission to take lunch with them to eat at school. The school opened on January 8th 1877 (5 months before Londesborough was Consecrated!) 

Our association is in memory of Pat Allison the wife of Terry one of our former members.

National Association for Gifted Children

The work of this organisation with parents and teachers, confirms that gifted students are vulnerable to under achievement and that reasons and sources are both varied and complex.  Sometimes learning difficulties are combined with giftedness and can disguise many issues.  Parents seeking guidance are assisted through donations.

National Asthma Campaign

This independent UK Charity is dedicated to conquering asthma, a serious condition that now affects over 5 million people in this country.  It funds asthma research, offers help and advice and campaigns for a better deal for those suffering with asthma.

Marie Curie Cancer Care

Research commissioned by Marie Curie Cancer Care shows that 64% of people would choose to die at home, but in reality only 25% achieve this.  Every year Marie Curie Nurses make that wish possible for thousands of cancer patients in cities, towns and villages across the UK by caring for around 50 per cent of all cancer patients who die at home. They work through the night or during the day to provide care for patients in the comfortable and familiar surroundings of their own home.

Salvation Army

This organisation needs little introduction to most of us for the tireless work done for the community on a truly local and global basis.  Londesborough had a close connection with the Croydon Citadel over very many years with them attending our Xmas meeting dinner.

The Lord is My Shepherd Educational Centre

The Lord is My shepherd Educational Center at Kasoa was founded by Dave Mustill, a British Airways flight dispatcher at Heathrow. On the 26 March 1998 phase 3 of the project was officially opened.

The success of this school is attributed to the efforts of Dave Mustill, the school's director - Georgina Mensah, the Hartley Trust Ghana Educational Foundation and British Airways

The Rebel Trust

The Rebel Trust

The Rebel Trust financially supports the TS REBEL Sea Cadet School which takes cadets from a wide geographic area onto a number of courses on one of several vessels.  Unlike Army & Air Cadets, Sea Cadets are only partly publicly funded and donations have allowed many hundreds of youngsters to gain qualifications over the last 20 years.

Royal Masonic Trust for Girls & Boys

The Mission Statement of the Trust sums up what they do perfectly..........!
"To continue to relieve poverty and provide an education for life for the children of the family of a Freemason and, where funds permit, for any children, as their fathers would have done had they been able so to do."

Good Shepherd Mission to the Homeless

One of the most visible acts carried out by the Good Shepherd Mission, is a weekly food and soup run to hungry, homeless people on the streets of London every Thursday.


 Children with Cancer UK

This disease can strike at all ages, but for those who are affected in childhood are the most likely to be assisted by the ongoing research and to help in bringing new drugs to clinical trial.

Asian Earthquake Appeal

Through the Grand Charity - Freemasons' are generally among the first to send a donation when a global tragedy happens.  The Asian earthquake touched the members of the Lodge so a cheque was sent to the Red Cross who administered the funds.

My Parkinsons Team

    Parkinson's disease is one of a larger group of                 neurological conditions called motor system disorders. Historians have found evidence of the disease as far back as 5000 B.C. It was first described as "the shaking palsy" in 1817 by British doctor James Parkinson. Because of Parkinson's early work in identifying symptoms, the disease came to bear his name.  The Parkinson's Disease Society of the United Kingdom is the leading charity dedicated to supporting all people with Parkinson's, their families, friends and carers.

Riding for the Disabled

In the UK, over 500 groups assisted by some 19,000 volunteers enable almost 25,000 disabled riders of all ages enjoy regular exercise.  Over 3,000 weekly sessions mean that in excess of 400,000 rides per year take place.  Impressive!



St Lukes Hospice, Kenton, Middlesex

Like so many hospices, St Luke's cannot operate without donations.  A couple of facts: £5,500 needs to be raised every day to keep the doors open; £40,000 pays for one specialist nurse for one year (salary/training/support costs); and £50,000 per year is need to run the Hospice at Home service where patients can receive hospice care at home

Macmillan Cancer Support

This organisation is a comprehensive cancer care charity, supporting patients and their families via: Hospices, Nursing, Research & Education.  Ten Hospices throughout the UK and a Nursing Service for those wishing to remain at home.  These donations enable these services to be further increased. 


Cleft lip and pallet are the most common hereditary malformations and with todays medical and technical expertise it can be very simple and inexpensive to rectify.  This organisation assists in taking this expertise to less developed countries and helping children who would otherwise not be able, to lead a normal life.

Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital

  Great Ormond Street Hospital provides inspirational and world class care to hundreds of children every day, but             they need to raise over £50 million every year to help keep the magic alive. This is a remarkable institution that               needs to be supported and our WM Tom Marshall made it a priority during his year. 

Alzheimer's Association

Alzheimer's Society is a membership organisation, which works to improve the quality of life of people affected by dementia in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Dementia is a term used to describe various different brain disorders that have in common a loss of brain function that is usually progressive and eventually severe.

Many of our 25,000 members have personal experience of dementia, as carers, health professionals or people with dementia themselves, and their experiences help to inform our work.

High Flight

High Flight is a UK registered charity created from within the Flight Operations department of British Airways.

It's vision is to provide for the relief of young people with physical or mental disability, to try to improve their quality of life by assisting in the provision of flight training and associated activities and also to further the education of children and young people in the field of aviation and related subjects. 

Youngsters all over the United Kingdom benefit from a day with High Flight.  Those who are terminally ill and want to fulfill a final dream or those from a disadvantaged background are given an experience that they will remember for the rest of their,  sometimes short, lives.


COSMIC (Children of St Mary's Intensive Care) was founded in 1994 to raise money for the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at St Mary's Hospital in Paddington, London, which treats some 400 desperately sick children every year.
Funding is also given for internationally significant research into the causes, effects and treatment of life-threatening childhood diseases.and without their assistance she may not have been able to make s full recovery.

The Charity was brought to our attention as one of our member's grand-daughter was a recipient of it's services,

COSMIC has purchased over £1,000,000 of life saving equipment and spent over £500,000 on ground breaking research into paediatric health.

COSMIC has also been helping parents for a number of years not least by funding accommodation in local hotels, helping families to stay close at had during a particularly traumatic time.

Cancer Research UK

Around 285,000 new cases of cancer are diagnosed each year in the UK. Cancer Research UK works tirelessly to improve our understanding of cancer and develop better ways to prevent, diagnose and treat this awful disease.
These donations have been made on behalf of those currently undergoing treatment and in memory of one of our members who we recently lost.

National Autistic Society

NAS champions the rights and interests of all people with autism and aims to provide individuals with autism and their families with help, support and services that they can access, trust and rely upon and which can make a positive difference to their lives.

Freemasons' Grand Charity

The Freemasons’ Grand Charity is funded by Freemasons and their families and is continuing a commitment to charitable support that began nearly 300 years ago in the earliest days of organised Freemasonry.

Since 1980, we have made grants totalling over £100 million to thousands of individuals and national charities. The work of the Grand Charity continues a commitment to charitable support that began nearly 300 years ago in the earliest days of organised Freemasonry.All of the money we distribute is provided mainly through an annual contribution made by individual Freemasons and fundraising 'Festivals' held each year.

The Metropolitan Masonic Charity

The Metropolitan Masonic Charity (MMC) provides particular support to a major project each year.  2011 saw major donations to Barts and London Hospital Trust that runs two hospital sites and the London Air Ambulance base.  The Trust has a major positive impact on the lives of Londoners every day of the year.  The MMC oversaw the Appeal whereby London Freemasons donated £2.5m over 3 years so that a Cyberknife unit could be installed in Barts and a subsequent Appeal during 2012/13 where £500k towards a CT Scanner for the Royal London Hospital was raised.

A sunsequent project supported by London Freemasons, was to raise £2m towards the cost of a second Air Ambulance Helicopter (£5m), This was achieved -  Our pledge allowed the helicopter to be ordered!

The current Appeal is for £2.5m to provide the London Fire Brigade with two extended height aerial vehicles that will increase their capacity greatly.  Londesborough is making a donation in February 2018.

The Prince's Trust      See letter of thanks on Charity Feedback page.............

Around one in five young people in the UK are not in work, education or training. Youth unemployment costs the UK economy £10 million a day in lost productivity, while youth crime costs £1 billion every year.
Established in 1976, the Trust helps address this by giving practical and financial support to the young people who need it most. We help develop key skills, confidence and motivation, enabling young people to move into work, education or training.

magic breakfast

    This organisation provides free healthy breakfasts to over 230 primary schools across             England. Research shows that this assists the children to concentrate and show greater           attainment and attendance.



Masonic Fishing Charity

“The Masonic Fishing Charity’s aim is to bring an interactive fishing and countryside experience to people with Special Needs”.

It achieves this by running fishing events, both coarse and fly, at various fisheries and inviting participants from special needs schools and centres and people who have suffered trauma to come and join in.

The Charity is completely run by volunteers and is a non profit making enterprise.

The Testlands Support Project 

TSP strives to give all children fantastic opportunities.  Working with many schools and local sports clubs to create a strong relationship within the local community. 

Bears Rails Scouts Campsite 





   See comments on 'Latest News' page..........

The Freddie Farmer Foundation

The Freddie Farmer Foundation was formed in 2011 to raise the funds needed to set up a specialised physiotherapy centre in south-east London for children and young people with cerebral palsy and serious mobility problems. The inspiration behind it all is 10 year old Freddie Farmer who was born at 28 weeks with cerebral palsy, weighing just 2lb 12oz. 

Thanks to the overwhelming support of Freddie's family and friends, the charity has now been able to purchase a property in Bromley which has undergone renovation to create a floor-based exercise room and a specialist gym therapy room and associated rooms involving, crucially, 
a piece of equipment called ‘The Spider’, with elasticated ropes so that children can do their exercises upright. The new centre will open in 2015.

Dementia UK


Dementia UK provides Admiral Nurses - specialist dementia nurses who give expert, practical and emotional care and support for family carers, as well as the person with dementia.

Admiral Nurses provide families with an understanding of dementia and give them the tools and skills to deal with challenges effectively, whilst also providing psychological support to help family carers to carry on caring for their family member. They can also provide referrals to other appropriate services and liaison with other professionals to provide holistic support when it's most needed.

The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust (RNOH) is the largest orthopaedic hospital in the UK, and is regarded as a leader in the field of orthopaedics both in the UK and world-wide. The RNOH provides a comprehensive range of neuro-musculoskeletal health care, ranging from acute spinal injury or complex bone tumour to orthopaedic medicine and specialist rehabilitation for chronic back pain sufferers. This broad range of services is unique within the NHS. 
Patients benefit from a team of highly specialised consultants, many of whom are nationally and internationally recognised for their expertise and experience. Consultants are supported in their work by nurses, therapists and other specialist clinical staff who are trained experts in their particular fields of orthopaedic care.

We do not guarantee that Web sites accessed via links on this page are either Masonic in nature or have been approved or endorsed by the United Grand Lodge of England.  We specifically do not warrant that any other Web sites accessible from their pages are recognised by, or have the approval of, the United Grand Lodge of England.

All the money given to charity by Freemasons is raised directly from our members. We do not rattle tins or seek contributions from the public.  We do not criticise any organisation for doing it in other ways.