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This Appeal started in December 2004 and closed on 9th September 2009.

At the celebration Grand Ball held on 12th November, it was announced that the generosity of London Freemasons had contributed the magnificent sum of £6,333,838.72!

This will provide much needed funds for the RMBI who supply care for more than 1100 elderly masons and their dependents resident in one of the 17 RMBI Homes, or via the network of care advisors throughout the UK. (for more info on the RMBI visit our Charity page on this site)

Londesborough is among 81 London Lodges to achieve the Diamond Award in this Appeal, and all the members can therefore be very proud of their efforts.

The Certificate was presented at our Lodge meeting on 18th December by W.Bro Stratton Richey, AGDC, Metropolitan Grand Charity Steward, and our WM Craig and IPM Tom were presented to the Metropolitan Grand Master, Rt. W.Bro Russell Race at the Metropolitan Grand Lodge AGM on 25th February 2010.


Further to the donation to the charity COSMIC, the following letter was received from W.Bro Brian Shailer:
I think this says it all as to why we donate to such worthy, but often little known, organisations!

20th December 2009

Dear Brother

At last Friday's meeting you kindly agreed to our Charity Steward, John Culling's proposals for donations from our Relief Chest account.  The work of one of these charities was explained in the temple and I feel I owe it to you and the other brethren present at that meeting to provide some information on the charity COSMIC which I had referred to John.

COSMIC is an abbreviation for Children of St Mary's Intensive Care and is a charity that supports the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at St Mary's Hospital, Paddington by providing funds for research and specialist equipment. The PICU treats around 400 desperately ill patients a year and in November 1998, my grand-daughter, Honey, who was then 28 months old, was one of them.

My daughter had rushed her daughter, Honey, to St Peter's Hospital in Chertsey because Honey was sick and had developed a rash on her legs.  Thankfully, my daughter had remembered a procedure the government was showing on TV at the time that advised rolling a glass tumbler over the rash, and if the spots did not fade, to seek immediate medical assistance.  Thankfully, too, St Peter's Hospital immediately recognised the symptoms of Meningitis and went straight into emergency mode, upon which my daughter fainted on the spot.  The emergency procedure included scrambling the specialist team of doctors and nurses from St Mary's PICU in a specially equipped ambulance to treat Honey in Chertsey and carry her back to Paddington under intensive care, all under police escort.

Honey had contracted Meningococcal Septicaemia that can kill within hours.  Those who survive it often lose limbs or toes and fingers.  However, after two weeks of intensive care, Honey left hospital completely intact and is now a normal 13 year old girl, very conscious of becoming a young woman.  Sue and I will never be able to thank those wonderful people at St Mary's PICU enough.  They work like Trojans 24 hours a day and really perform miracles.

However, without COSMIC's support, there would not have been a specially equipped ambulance to collect Honey from St Peter's, Chertsey nor was there likley to have been so much quality specialist equipment available to the PICU.  Sue and I have, therefore, supported COSMIC since that time and I am really grateful that the members of Londesborough Lodge have also agreed to donate to them.

I thank you for your support and, if you are interested in learning a little more about COSMIC, please see their website:

Have a wonderful Christmas and, hopefully, prosperous New Year.

Yours sincerely and fraternally


Herewith the reply from COSMIC:


Similarly a donation to the Charity High Flight was also acknowleged: